Oyster Pond Beach Resort of St Maarten

Why Magie Blue

The reasons we are here. Why Magie Blue and how to get there.

It was always our dream to be able to escape to a Caribbean paradise and find a home away from home where the colors are unusually bright and happy, the sun embraces you with it's warmth, and the ocean heals the heart, body and soul...

We traveled extensively throughout the string of mesmerizing Caribbean islands known as the "Windward Isles," for the soft trade winds off the Atlantic that keep the climate warm yet temperate throughout the year, in search of the perfect tropical refuge. Finally, we arrived at Oyster Bay Beach Resort on St. Maarten, where we found a most smashing setting with exclusive views of mountains, harbors, and neighboring islands with the dazzling sea at our doorstep during the day, and the beautiful, dark, starlit sky embracing us at night. We knew it would be our Caribbean home, home away from home...on the best setting of the best Caribbean island ...

From the very first moment we arrived at Oyster Pond Beach Resort, located on Dawn Beach along the eastern shore of the island (thus the gorgeous sunrises), we knew we had found paradise, a place of healing and joy ... we could not go wrong with it...we had reached our long-sought destination. It was love at first sight.

The location of the resort makes it unique –it is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the other parts of the island and yet is only minutes away from amenities such as shopping, banking, restaurants, beaches, horseback riding and many other attractions you want in a vacation destination. It offers peaceful enjoyment on your terms. You can do everything---or just nothing. And you can do it all day long!

The resort itself is nestled on a peninsula between Oyster Bay Marina, with its tranquil azure waters, and the pristine blues of the Atlantic. Our condo has direct views of St. Barths, the playground of the super-trendy, right off our balcony. Dawn Beach, right next to the resort, boasts one of the best snorkeling coral reefs of the island. Also, great amenities, nearby restaurants, endless resort activities, and the most beautiful and friendly people make this hidden jewel the place to be...We especially appreciate the location of Oyster Pond for it's proximity to the French border---it is just a stone's throw away... At Magie Blue we have the best of both worlds -- the exciting nightlife of the Dutch side matched with the world class dining of the French side, exclusive modern interiors, the power of nature and the mighty ocean...

We love the diversity of the island and the opportunity to enjoy three distinct cultures on a tiny 37 square miles of island!

Come to see it soon and immerse yourself into an unforgettable experience!


How to get there

Taxis are available at the Princess Juliana Airport. Rates are different through the day and night. Check the rate before you take the ride to avoid overpaying. A normal rate for a transfer to Oyster Pond is approximately $40 per two persons. If you rent a car get a map at airport , depart the airport and turn right. Oyster Pond Beach Resort is about 30 minutes drive from the airport. Follow the road to Dawn Beach.

If you have any trouble with the directions, please feel free to call Oyster Pond front desk at 1-866-978-02-12, they can help you navigate your way there. Or call 1-866-978-0932 to book a car through onsite rental company Dollar/Thrifty Car Rental, who can provide you with a GPS navigation system.
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