Oyster Pond Beach Resort of St Maarten


Stunning oceanfront sanctuary with breathtaking views and exceptional Amenities.

Luxury 2bedroom/2 bathroom condo for rent with private Spa/Pool and a barbecue/bar on a roof deck directly above the ocean on the Dawn Beach of a friendly St. Maarten Island.

Dear Guest,

Welcome to Magie Blue, the seaside retreat you have been searching for and will never forget!!!

Magie Blue at the Mainsail is a perfectly placed residence on a picturesque coral peninsula between crashing waves of the Atlantic and the azure waters of the Oyster Pond Marina with constant tropical breeze... It's magic!!!

Come to Magie Blue to experience an intimate place where the colors are heavenly, winds are soft, and the air and water exhilarating...

Imagine the place where the waves are gently lapping at the shore, the birds are soaring above the mighty ocean, urgent sounds of nature are flowing through the crisp air...the wideness of the sea speaks to your senses, the sun illuminates your spirit, golden beams surge through your body... Drink up the light, touch the rainbow, be taken away by the powerful heartbeat of the ocean, gaze up into the mysterious night sky above you with the myriads of stars... It's magic!!!

Abandon yourself into the soothing waters of the ocean, flow freely and fully... Wake up your senses, enrich, invigorate, share the joy of being alive, feel new again...anything is possible here... It's magic!!!

From the very first moment you step into the Magie Blue sanctuary you will be impress by the murmuring of the ocean, dazzling colors of the sparkling azure waters and pure freshness of the salt air - therapeutic and rejuvenating... the worries of the world will evaporate. Peace and joy will surround you...
The Magie Blue residence, with its ideal location and world class amenities including a state of the art Spa/Pool and a barbecue grill on a private roof top deck, beautifully decorated interior is the ideal location for your intimate honeymoon or a family vacation...very private, seductive, exclusive...

Come to see it for yourself - expect the best - you will never regret you did!


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