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Renters Information for Mainsail Unit 1232/1233
Oyster Bay Beach Resort,
Dawn Beach, St. Maartens

Dear Guests:

Here is the basic information you need to make sure your stay in our penthouse condo in the Mainsail Building at Oyster Bay Beach Resort (OBBR) is stress-free and enjoyable for all:

For more information, email

Arrival and Departure:
  • We follow the rules of OBBR: Arrival at 4:00 PM on the first day and departure at 10:00 AM on the last day, so housekeeping has time to clean the unit. If there are no renters on either end we will let you know and you can arrive and leave at your leisure on these two days-but only if you specifically confirm with us.
  • Check in at the OBBR front desk: They have your reservation for the unit. They will give you room cards and towels cards. There are no additional charges other then the agreed-upon rent. You are responsible for returning all beach towels before you leave.
  • You are entitled to one free parking space in the parking area, but it is not designated by unit. Just wherever you can find a parking space. On arrival, the concierge will give you a parking pass for the time of your stay to place on your dashboard-if you come by car.

The Unit:
  • There is positively NO SMOKING within the unit. A $300 penalty/fumigation fee will be charged for smoking within the unit.
  • Pets are NOT permitted in rental units under any conditions (homeowner association rules).
  • We will not rent to vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age unless accompanied by an adult guardian or parent.
  • One weekly complete cleaning (usually Saturday) and one mid-week partial cleaning (usually Wednesday) come with the weekly rental. If you would like daily cleaning let Housekeeping know (just call them) and they will accommodate you and charge it to your room. They usually charge about $20 for partial cleaning and $50 for full cleaning. There is also a washer/dryer in the kitchen of the 1BR unit so you can do your own towels if you like. Bernadette is the Housekeeper in charge of our unit.
  • Unlike many Caribbean resorts, we do not add an energy surcharge to your rental - it is a flat rate. That said, please understand that electricity bills alone can run over $1000 a month on this apartment. Please try to conserve electricity by (1) first turning of lights when you leave the apartment, (2) keep the AC at a reasonable temperature and (3) turn off the jets and lights in the pool/spa when you are not using it. Thanks!
  • The Roof Deck and Spa/Pool: This unit has a fabulous roof deck, spa/pool and bar/grill area. It is accessed via a spiral staircase on the balcony of the 1BR unit. Guests assume all risks from use of the roof deck area. The roof deck is well protected but an adult should accompany children under 16. No roughhousing or running on the roof deck. The spa/pool is about 4.5 feet deep. Stay within the roof deck area-no climbing over the back wall to access the maintenance area of the roof (where AC and heating units are located).
  • This is a two-bedroom lock-out: This means there are double interior doors separating the two units that can be opened or closed from either unit. There are also separate entrances. The key card should open both entrance doors if you are renting the full two-bedroom lockout. If for any reason the interior opposing door between the units is closed and you can’t open it, you can simply use the key card (assuming you have it) to access the opposing unit through the front entrance. If you have any problem you can always go to the front desk and they will give you a card to get back into the unit.
  • No sitting on the furniture with wet bathing suits: This can damage the fabric and we will have to charge you for it.
  • Please close windows and doors when AC is on: Electricity is extremely expensive on St. Maartens. Efforts to keep electricity use down allow us to keep the rent down as well.
  • We do not charge a security deposit for weekly rentals: However, guests are responsible for any damage beyond normal wear and tear on the unit. A security charge may be requested for multi-week rentals.
That’s it. We are pleased to have you as guests in our unit. Enjoy!
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